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Welcome Back to Spring Street Park

Welcome back one and all! The fence is down and The Great Lawn is open again. 



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Open The Grass, and Bring Back The Dogs!


The dream of a local community meeting place was realized shortly after the opening of Spring Street Park last year. It was by the many dog owners in the neighborhood who met each other as their dogs played and peed on the Great Lawn. I was one of the people aggravated by the lack of respect for the amount of work it took to get the park constructed, as careless owners let their dogs kill the lawn and run off leash. 

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Share my experiences?

My most recent experience was watching a couple use the electric outlet to shave their young son's head.  Earlier this week someone else was also shaving his head using one of the electric outlets.

I am 100% unsatisfied with the state of the park and the activity of the nonprofit.  

There are constantly people drinking and doing drugs, littering, washing their clothes in the water fountain, and trampling the plants to get access to the many open electric outlets.  It is not uncommon to see people urinating, and there have been a few occasions where park visitors have been masterbating.

I understand that having a full time ranger might not be financially feasible for FSSP, but there is no excuse for the lack of involvement in keeping this park clean and safe.  Why are there no organized park cleanup days?  Why are there no FSSP awareness or fundraising events.?  Why does the park close every art walk while the parking lot across the street raises money by hosting vendors and artists?  Since's the park's opening it seems as if the only action taken by FSSP has been to ask residents in the Rowan and El Dorado for money.  

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Spring Street Park is Now Open For Public Blogging!

Welcome to the new Spring Street Park Website! Please feel free to share your stories, thoughts and ideas on why this park is an asset to the community, and what we can do to make it better. Everyone is welcome, all stories are welcome. Please keep things civil. 

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Lawn Closed to Try And Save it From Dogs

No matter what side of the fence you were on about dogs vs. no dogs on the grass, The City has decided to step in and take away the grass from everyone for the time being. There simply is no money to replace it, so they decided to see if it would grow back on it's own. I hope they're not too late. We will all miss the lawn while it's "being repaired" 


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Spring St. Park Opening June 17!!!

That's right!! The park has an opening date!!! June 17th!!!

Mark your calendars, it's gonna be a party!! :)

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Spring Street Park Is Finished!!

It's official, Spring Street Park is finished!!! Now it will have the final touches put on, while the grass and plants are given a chance to take root. At the end of June, the park will be open to the public. Don't forget to share your photos by using the hashtag #springstpark


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The Latest Info on Spring Street Park 4/28/13

Some new updates!!! Below are our confirmed facts. 

  1. The park will open at the end of June!!!!!
  2. The park will have a wonderful children's playground 
  3. The park will welcome dogs on leashes 
  4. The non-profit incubator Community Partners is working with The City to establish an official entity to run the park. 
  5. The City will not be able to assist with the funds for maintaining the park, this will be left to donors and sponsors.
  6. Once The City recognizes an official entity, all donations will be tax deductible. 

If you would like to help now, just click the SAVE THE PARK tab, and pledge your support now! No money will be charged until an official non-profit has been approved by The City. 

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Help Be A Part Of Something Big


Share your images with the community at HitRecord!! 

What is HitRecord you ask? Well it's an amazing website that helps people create and share art. 

They thrive on RAW DATA!! So upload everything you've got!! Then watch their team of artists re-mix and create. 


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Instagram Photos

Use the hashtag #SPRINGSTPARK 

check back often to see your pics here! 

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