Share my experiences?

My most recent experience was watching a couple use the electric outlet to shave their young son's head.  Earlier this week someone else was also shaving his head using one of the electric outlets.

I am 100% unsatisfied with the state of the park and the activity of the nonprofit.  

There are constantly people drinking and doing drugs, littering, washing their clothes in the water fountain, and trampling the plants to get access to the many open electric outlets.  It is not uncommon to see people urinating, and there have been a few occasions where park visitors have been masterbating.

I understand that having a full time ranger might not be financially feasible for FSSP, but there is no excuse for the lack of involvement in keeping this park clean and safe.  Why are there no organized park cleanup days?  Why are there no FSSP awareness or fundraising events.?  Why does the park close every art walk while the parking lot across the street raises money by hosting vendors and artists?  Since's the park's opening it seems as if the only action taken by FSSP has been to ask residents in the Rowan and El Dorado for money.  

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