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  • commented on Open The Grass, and Bring Back The Dogs! 2014-04-03 17:52:03 -0700
    Unfortunately, the real issue here is that this is simply a very poorly designed park. There could have been dirt space set aside for a dog run/play area AND a lawn for the non-dog owning community to both enjoy. Instead we have a big unused oval of concrete in the center surrounded by weird, immobile high backed metal and concrete “chairs” that are so uncomfortable that only someone used to sleeping on the street wouldn’t mind sitting on them for any length of time. The lawn is condemned to be a fenced off no-man’s land since if dog people use it, it dies, and non-dog people can’t use it without dog people being allowed to use it too. It’s also difficult to see what’s going on in all spaces of the park from the street, making it easy for those wanting to do their dirt out of sight. My vote would be to redesign with these considerations in mind and kickstart a new build.