Dylan O'Donoghue

  • commented on Open The Grass, and Bring Back The Dogs! 2014-03-30 18:37:01 -0700
    I just want to be SUPER clear about this… It was just a few months ago that when many equal members of this community were bringing their pets, on leashes, to enjoy the park, and meet and greet one another there and interact, the park needed to “be saved from the dog owners”… But, now that you have forced most all of us to feel guilty/ashamed of bring OUR animals into OUR park, now you miss us? Now we are meant to represent an obvious majority of our community members? Now the large majority of us are meant to come and bring ourselves, and our dogs, back to breathe new life into the now neglected Spring St Park, so as to chase away the NEW element of less than desirable downtowners who have taken up our place in the park? Tssk, tssk, Josh. The people chasing all of these community members, and their dogs away last summer got what they wanted. You guys deal with the crack-heads and vagrants now… Us dog owners will be down in Grand Park.